Christian Pruvost


Christian Pruvost : trumpet

"Talking of Christian Pruvost, the genealogists are sure to bring up that post-Dixon family of trumpet-players, Dorner, Kelley, Hautzinger, Kerbaj or Uhler…..perhaps forgetting, however, the very sensual plasticity which this accomplished young musician gives back to the trumpet, how he consigns it to an order of pneumatics, eminently poetic, personal and serene.

At once pressure-regulator and megaphone, suction-pump and atomizer, the trumpet becomes, in this improviser’s hands, a two-way in-out breathing apparatus, of a piece with the musician’s body, which it extends and explores.
See him as encompassing an island, Christian Pruvost, a habitat; there gush out tiger beetles, rose-chafers, bumblebees & geometrids – and he calls up a luxuriant glossary of wing-sheaths in the intimate pursuit of his entomology of sounds.

See him as current, Christian Pruvost, the location of an urban site of tubing, gates, valves and ducts: dancing, fingertips like propeller-blades, with swaying gestures, by pitch-spattered structures, he excavates, reinvents and inhabits its space."

Guillaume Tarche - translation Martin Hackett

You can find the album of Christian Pruvost on Circum-Disc website.

Photo : Eric Flogny

Discographie :

Ipteravox (2009)

Christian Pruvost solo - Feedback Plate

Christian Pruvost solo - Ipteravox

Christian Pruvost solo - Ipteravox
Extrait d’Ipteravox (Circum Disc, 2009)
Christian Pruvost solo - Feedback Plate
Extrait d’Ipteravox (Circum Disc, 2009)

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