Rosa Parlato

flutes, electronics

Rosa Parlato is a flutist, improviser and composer. She graduated in flute at the Conservatory of Rome and at the Academy of Music of Budapest. She obtained several interpretation prizes at the conservatories of Metz and Lille. In 2010, she started training in electroacoustic music at the Art Zoyd studio. Since then, she has participated in numerous ensembles and improvised encounters. As a composer, her acousmatic works have been broadcasted in several festivals. She has also collaborated on projects for film and video.

Rosa mixes abstract compositions, acoustic and electroacoustic collages, the musicality of voice and language, extended instrumental techniques, contemporary music and musical theater. His musical vision plays with the borders between disciplines and aesthetic constraints in order to privilege the listening, the meeting, the moment.

Among her projects : Fatrassons, Isophone, Wasteland noise quartet, sextet 36, Compagnie-i, Collectif 4.6.Art, Collectif Sounding Arts.
She collaborates with the Centre de Création Musical Art Zoyd, with Le Fresnoy, with Compagnie BVZK, Lapluie d’oiseau, Apo 33, GMVL, Miso Musica, Athenor, Light Cone, Detour de Babel ...


 Phonogravie / Gouband- Parlato (improvised music duo) recorded in Lille, published by Le Petit Label in December 2021). - Bise, Isophone/ Marchal -Parlato (acoustic duo of improvised music); recorded in Lille, published by Setola di Maiale in December 2019.
 Plus près de l’entrée que de la sortie, Fatrassons / Clénet-Parlato recorded at Art Zoyd Studios, published in 2019 by Le Petit Label.
 Wasteland, wasteland, chamber noise quartet / Chagas /Gibbs/ Lenglet / Parlato recorded in Brussels, edited by Setola di Maiale in January 2018.
 Flight Experiences #10/11/12/13 edited by Art Zoyd Studios CD 4: Vol 7275 (Fatrassons mixed by Gérard Hourbette).
 Volets Ouverts, the second album of the duo Fatrassons recorded at AZ Studios, edited by Le Petit Label in April. 2015.
 Espace d’Instants, (electro-acoustic duo of improvised music Fatrassons); recorded in March 2012 at La Nébuleuse studio, self released.
 Hors les bords, (poetic-experimental song, Six Reines) recorded in 2010 at Les Arcades studio, self released.

The website of Rosa Parlato and her Soundcloud

Rosa Parlato plays in

Ingrid Laubrock et le Grand Orchestre de Muzzix


À l’écoute du territoire #2


Rosa Parlato - Le continu à souffler


Olivier’s Birds


Radiolarians - Michael Pisaro-Liu [Création 2021]


Le Grand Orchestre de Muzzix

Discographie :

Radiolarians de Michael Pisaro-Liu

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