Undoers [Création 2022]

Undoers Photographie : © Florian Dè
Photographie : © Florian Dè

Originally from Lille, North of France, Undoers is a band which plays pop music with rock, techno or even disco influences. Sebastien Beaumont, the guitarist of the band, composed all the songs (lyrics and musics) in English. Stories and tales show typical characters, living in their own way, sometimes moved by a rough and tumble life. Therefore they can enlarge the field of vision and touch controversial topics.
« Undoers » means those who « un-do » some things but also « seducers ».


Sébastien Beaumont Guitar, composition
Barbara Dang Keyboards, back vocals
Florian Dè Bass, keyboard, back vocals
Peter Orins Drums
Christian Pruvost Lead vocals, trumpet, keyboards
Olivier Lautem Technic and sound engineering


02/12/2021 | Théâtre de l’Aventure, Hem (59) - Creation
03/12/2021 | La Chambre d’Eau, Le Favril (59)

Partners :
Production Muzzix
Coproduction La Chambre d’Eau, Théâtre de l’Aventure

Residency / Work stages

- from the 7th to the 11th of september 2020 | Théâtre de l’Aventure, Hem (59)
- from the 15th to the 18th of june 2020 | La Chambre d’Eau, Le Favril (59)

This project benefits from the financial support of the Région Hauts-de-France and the Maison de la Musique Contemporaine.

retrouvez les photos de la première résidence à La Chambre d’eau sur Flickr

crédits : visuel © Florian Dè | photos © Benoit Meneboo

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