Tombstones - Michael Pisaro-Liu

// Experimental song //

Tombstones is a collection of twenty songs composed by American composer Michael Pisaro-Liu between 2006 and 2010, journeying into experimental pop with pieces that are "experimental or indeterminate but still a song".
Eleven of those songs are recorded under the artistic direction of the Lille-based pianist Barbara Dang. Dang and six members of the Muzzix collective recorded the pieces in June 2020, with Maryline Pruvost as the primary vocalist. This realization is poetically nuanced, ethereal, pop-influenced chamber music.

"If Michael Pisaro-Liu is known for the integration of silence in his music, notably within the group of Wandelweiser composers, it is remarkable to see to what extent this composer possesses great knowledge of very varied musical genres (classical, metal, harsh noise, rock, rap, etc.) With Tombstones, Pisaro-Liu links writing modes that are specific to his way of composing - such as experimentation and indeterminacy - to the most widespread form of music: the so-called popular song. The singularity of this collection lies in the fact that the eleven titles that make it up are taken from country or blues songs, and in the fact that the instrumentation, the interpretation as well as the duration of certain titles is left undetermined. This allows the performance to be conceived in different ways: a song can be stretched to the extreme to compose an entire concert, the collection can be interpreted in its entirety, and the orchestration and the number of musicians on stage can also vary from one song to another, or even from one performance to another." (Barbara Dang)

Duration : about 1h


05/12/2021 : Release party at la malterie, Lille (France)
15/05/2019 : la malterie, Lille (France) | Creation
14/05/2019 : Eglise Saint Merry - Les Rendez-Vous Contemporains de Saint Merry, Paris (France) | Creation
10/12/2018 : public rehearsal at la malterie, Lille (France)
16/04/2018 : public rehearsal at la malterie, Lille (France)

Live concert without audience at la malterie (Lille, France) - June 2020

Discographie :



Barbara Dang (artistic direction, piano, vocals, cymbal)
Yoann Bellefont (double bass, Roland Alpha Juno-1)
Ivann Cruz (guitar, vocals, spoken voice)
Raphaël Godeau (guitar, whispering)
Peter Orins (drums, speaking voice, falling book)
Christian Pruvost (trumpet, vocals)
Maryline Pruvost (vocals, spoken voice, hand clapping)


Registered in June 2020 in partnership with the GMEA - Centre National de Création Musicale d’Albi-Tarn by Benjamin Maumus at the Théâtre le Colombier (Les Cabannes, France)

Muzzix is a collective composed of 30 musicians and based in Lille (northern France). It supports each year many artistic projects going from contemporary jazz to experimental and improvised musics, performed in many various ways, from solo to full orchestra, from concerts to installations or performances.


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