Claude Colpaert

Trombones, voice, gangsa gantung, balinese flutes

Trombones (tenor, alto, soprano), voice, gangsa gantung, balineses flutes, dan bao, indian harmonium, tenor and sopranino sax, clarinet, kigonki (tongue drum), koshi carillon

Claude Colpaert plays mainly trombone and gangsa gantung (balinese metallophone). He also proposes gangsa gantung improvisation concerts. Principal instrument of the balinese gamelan, gangsa gantung is traditionally played with a hammer. But Claude Colpaert also uses it with mallets, bow, thimble and various objects.

Current projects :

 Vox Copuli : duo with Fred Loisel. The voice (Claude) is transformed in live with electronics (Fred).
 Claude François : duo with François Ella-Méyé (piano) and Claude Colpaert (gangsa gantung)
 Moto club : duo with Eric Mimosa (lapsteel) and Claude Colpaert (gangsa gantung)
 Lunar error, au gangsa gantung et à l’harmonium indien, with Quentin Conrate (uncomplete drums), Pierre Denjean (guitar), François Ella-Méyé (zither), Matthieu Lilin (baryton sax), Thomas Coquelet (sho, voice), Matthieu Lebrun (sax), Paul Ménard (guitar), Léo Rathier (banjo).

Recent artistic encounters : Jack Wright (in Belgium), Ove Volquartz (in France), Mia Zabelka (in France), Kostas Tatsakis (in Belgium), Goh Lee Kwang (in Malaisia), Pan Thang (in Birmany), Nusch Werchowska (in France), Bachtiar Djanan (in Indonesia), Tebo Aumara (in Indonesia).

Claude Colpaert hosts also conferences about jazz history in schools and in private homes. He collaborates with magazines Improjazz, Illico and Revue et Corrigée. He presents the radio show "Jazz à l’âme" on Radio Campus.

Claude Colpaert plays in

Ingrid Laubrock et le Grand Orchestre de Muzzix


Radiolarians - Michael Pisaro-Liu [Création 2021]


Le Grand Orchestre de Muzzix

Discographie :

Radiolarians de Michael Pisaro-Liu




<p>Claude Colpaert jouant deux trombones à la fois.</p>
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