Garbowski-Cruz Quartet

Ces membres de Muzzix font partie de Garbowski-Cruz Quartet : Ivann Cruz, Peter Orins.

Ivann Cruz (Lille) : guitar
Maciej Garbowski (Katowice, Poland) : double bass
Kari Heinilä (Helsinki, Finland) : saxophones, flutes
Peter Orins (Lille) : drums

Ivann Cruz and Maciej Garbowski meet in 2010 in the JazzPlaysEurope project.

In response ot this first meeting, the two musicians decide to form a new project : they surround themselves with Peter Orins (Lille) on drums and Kari Heinilä on saxophones and flutes. They decide to compose the music together and in two steps, in the manner of a correspondence, by games of distorted quotes, of extensions and deconstructions.

The project combines the different musical universe of the musicians, with aesthetic from jazz to rock, through improvised music and contemporary of traditional music.

Ivann Cruz and Peter Orins are both members of the Muzzix collective. Maciej Garbowski, bass player from Katowice in Poland, is the founder of the RGG trio, and plays regularly with Maciej Obara, Terje Rypdal, Jon Fält, … He’s part of the Take Five Europe operation in 2012. Kari Heinilä is a finnish sax and flute player, member of the UMO Orchestra since 1987, and founder of chamber music ensemble Alberto.


1st album > Rashomon Effect
Imp/Circum-Disc - May 2014

The project Garbowski-Cruz Quartet is supported by Lead Network, the Nord - Pas de Calais Region, l’ARA and la malterie.

Garbowski-Cruz Quartet - part V

Garbowski-Cruz Quartet - part IV

Garbowski-Cruz Quartet - part I

MP3 - 10.3 Mb
Garbowski-Cruz Quartet - part I
MP3 - 2.6 Mb
Garbowski-Cruz Quartet - part IV
MP3 - 3.1 Mb
Garbowski-Cruz Quartet - part V

Muzzix is a collective composed of 30 musicians and based in Lille (northern France). It supports each year many artistic projects going from contemporary jazz to experimental and improvised musics, performed in many various ways, from solo to full orchestra, from concerts to installations or performances.

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